Kingston Relocation Release

Kingston Relocation Release

Middleborough, MA – February 24, 2020 – Kingston Trailers, LLC announces that it has completed its relocation of its manufacturing operations from its leased facility in Kingston, Massachusetts to its newly acquired corporate, manufacturing and operating facility in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

The new facility is 50,000 SF, double the size of its former facility and is located on 5.24 acres along the Nemasket River. The facility includes approx.10,000 SF of office space and includes parking for 150 cars. We will also be consolidating our family office and real estate operations to
this location.

Moosa E. Moosa, Kingston Trailers’ Chief Executive Officer said, “the facility comprises a very flexible manufacturing building with all the necessary infrastructure to improve workflow, productivity and to expand our trailer business. We have renovated the building and installed all new energy efficient facility systems with an excellent work environment. An important criterion for us was to retain our team of talented craftsman who make the most respected horse trailer in its class. The new location is just 10 miles away.”

Ed Smith, Kingston Trailers’ General Manager said, “This is a change we have been looking forward to for a long time and gives us the ability to reconfigure our workflow and production process for better productivity and to provide employees with a much better work environment.
The new facility is located approx. a mile away from Route 495 and gives us a better access to the labor pool. Our employees are very pleased and excited.”

Production has already commenced at the new location and first trailers from the new facility have already been delivered.
Kingston Trailers is committed to continue building its uncompromising quality of custom hand built all-aluminum horse trailers that are best in class with the strongest brand loyalty.

About Kingston Trailers – Kingston Trailers®, the most respected name in hand-built, custom, aluminum horse trailers in the USA, was founded about 60 years ago with a vision of offering the best horse trailer and that vision continues. It manufactures the best quality all-aluminum bumper-pull and goose-neck horse trailers in the industry. From its founding, Kingston Trailers has been renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, durability and resale value. If you ask a New-England horse person to name the best locally manufactured horse trailer, odds are the
name will invariably be Kingston Trailers.

Kingston Trailers are distributed through its dealer network along the east-coast from Maine to Florida and can be customized to the customer and offer more comfort, convenience and space than any other in their class. It offers nine different bumper-pull models and three gooseneck models and offers full support for parts.

Kingston Trailers are built with uncompromising commitment to safety and quality. The allaluminum mainframe is designed to withstand the roughest of road conditions and easy to tow and available with a wide array of features and options to suit individual preferences and style.

Above: Our New Facility
Below: Some pictures of our new manufacturing operations.
Also includes part of the team that built the first trailer delivered from our new Middleborough

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